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Outstanding Delivery

  • Who We Are?

    We are a company based in Hyderabad with existence more than a decade and half. We have immense experience in Information Technology a great enthusiastic entrepreneurial highly spirited team culture. We enjoy on a spirit of diversity and innovation and have a company responsibility towards our society. Swayam Group works as a talent focused company that supports the group entities and brands. We use these talented employees and deploy them to build start-ups and products.

  • How We Do?

    We deliver through vision of creating stable and mature leadership within company, then create a process of recruiting great talent, putting them into training process and groom as mature members of company to support various brands and their end customers. Our customer facing brands are located in UK and each individual brand may also have its own teams spread across globally.

Life @ Swayam

Life is celebration at Swayam. Along with the innovative work we do, we enjoy a celebrative and festive environment that we create for ourselves.